New Landmark On The Horizon: 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games

New Terramaster F2-221 (2.5G Ethernet version)

  • Small size with only 2 bays.
  • Perfectly fits my 2.5G home network.
  • RAM can be upgraded to 10G (2+8) though offically supported max RAM is only 6GB (2+4).
  • It is super quiet!

NUC8i7BEH refurnished

The well known noise and overheating issue of Nuc8i7beh has bothered many NUC users. My nuc has been working well but recently the noise became intolerable. Here is the brand new nuc I received in Dec 2019:

new nuc
new nuc
nuc inside

Disassembled parts:

nuc parts
dust inside nuc

I decided to refurnish it with the following approaches.

  1. Replaced with new copper tube and mental liquid to improve CPU cooling capacity.
  2. Lubricated the CPU fan.
  3. Optimized BIOS settings.

After refurnished:

refurnished nuc board
nuc bios

Now it is quiet as usual and the overall performance is even better than the new nuc!

HPmsg10+ Openbox @2020.10.1

Planned usages:

  • Debian+Proxmox as base platform.
  • FreeNAS
  • Personal website
  • Private cloud platform
  • App servers for clonezilla, syncthing etc.
  • OpenWRT
  • Other VMs