Realtek r8125 2.5g NIC issue

In case this type of card can not reach full 2.5g speed on Microserver gen 10 plus, select from the System Utilities screen, then System Configuration > BIOS/Platform Configuration (RBSU) > PCIe Device Configuration > Advanced PCIe Configuration, select “PCI Generation 2.0” in Maximum PCI Express Speed. If it’s set to “PCI Generation 1.0”, the maximum speed can only reach 1.5gbps when you run iperf3 to measure the NIC bandwidth.

Nextcloud: Increase Upload Limits

For snap installation of Nextcloud, run the following commands:

snap set nextcloud"16G"
snap set nextcloud php.upload-max-filesize="16G"
snap set nextcloud php.max-input-time=3600
snap set nextcloud php.max-execution-time=3600

For non-snap installation of Nextcloud, set the following parameters inside the corresponding php.ini file:

php_value post_max_size="16G"
php_value upload_max_filesize="16G"
php_value max_input_time=3600
php_value max_execution_time=3600

New Terramaster F2-221 (2.5G Ethernet version)

  • Small size with only 2 bays.
  • Perfectly fits my 2.5G home network.
  • RAM can be upgraded to 10G (2+8) though offically supported max RAM is only 6GB (2+4).
  • It is super quiet!